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Long term vision, ongoing cooperation instead of one-time project, free consultant

for building the cooperation and qualified developer.

Keyfeatures of Freelancerchina.com

  • Registered Buyers save time and money when outsourcing projects.
  • Access to thousands of Chinese providers with extensive professional skills and experience.
  • Security in the knowledge that Freelancerchina will minimize the risk for all parties.
Service Trusted Buyer Common Buyer
Credits start from yes 20
Trusted buyers are marked with a sign yes 20
Trusted Buyers will receive more business due to their trusted status yes 20
Trusted Buyers' projects will be displayed above all others for one week yes 20
Trusted Buyers will receive more space to showcase their projects yes 20
Trusted Buyers have their credentials verified yes 20
Trusted Buyers will have the opportunity to display their own successful projects yes 20

Trusted Buyer Service

  • Every member of Freelancerchina has his/her own credits - the more credits, the more reliable the member has proven to be. A Common Buyer's credit count begins at 20, while the Trusted Buyer's credit count begins at 60. You will notice a icon beside the name of a Trusted Buyer, which makes them more noticeable and appealing to providers.
  • Trusted Buyers usually receive more responses and opportunities because of their trusted status, which results in more benefits to their business. As there are many new projects being posted everyday, it is important for service buyer to receive more exposure. A Trusted Buyer's, project will be posted at the top of the projects list for a week. Trusted buyers will receive more space to showcase their own business and its requirements (including test descriptions or other files.)
  • Trusted Buyers will have their credentials verified (licenses, working experience, etc)
  • Trusted Buyers will receive more marketing opportunities by being able to display evidence of successful projects and collaboration.
  • Price Trusted Buyer Service
  • $15 One Month
  • $30 Three Month
  • $50 Half Year
  • $85 One Year
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